Topangadays! May 23, 24, 25 2015

Here we go again, Topangadays provides the biggest bash and most fun to be had in the Santa Monica Mountains. It’s an amazing, happy, hippie happening.  Check out this dramatic, breakthrough moment from last years pie eating contest.  Knock your socks off live music by local artists, on two stages.  Plus food, arts, crafts, hands-on healing artists, and games for kids of all ages.

I’ll be there offering Palm and Tarot readings,  aphrodisiac remedies and spreading the love with hugs, kisses and smiles.


Lola Babalon

Lola Babalon is a psychic consultant, nurse, shaman and herbalist. Highly skilled at divination arts, Lola teaches magic for personal growth and self transformation. She promotes a body centered spirituality and is available for consultations in person, on the phone or on skype.

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  1. Yoni Das   •  

    The heck with pie. Let’s have a real eating contest.

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