Sages Chair Yoga

Everyone can benefit from doing yoga, regardless of age, shape, size or condition.



Update 2-3-2016


Here is a fine opportunity to improve on the status quo. Yoga is both relaxing and invigorating. Explore and expand your range of motion safely, while sitting in a chair. Learn to use your breath to stretch and strengthen in all directions, lubricate the joints, release tension and let go.

Includes a brief meditation along with some Reiki self-healing techniques. No previous yoga experience is necessary. No matter what age, shape, size or condition you are in, you’ll likely improve and feel better from doing this.

Please feel invited to call if you have any questions.

Here is a nice AARP article on the benefits of doing yoga for seniors:

One hour weekly class   STARTS AGAIN ON WED. MARCH 2, 2016   11 am.

$6.- per class, cash.

Topanga Community House, 1440 N. Topanga Cyn Blvd

This class is sponsored by the local senior group Canyon Sages and the Topanga Community Club. It’s open to all, so you don’t need to be a senior to attend.


Lola Babalon is a local astrologer, nurse, shaman and herbalist.  She is a longtime yoga practitioner and passionate about helping people feel better in body & soul.

Tel 310.455.0103



Lola’s Kitchen Herbal

This book contains the deep lore and herbal knowing you probably missed learning from your mother.


It takes a good look at the medicinal and culinary uses of what’s in your kitchen and yard. Common foods, from Apples to Sage are described with tips on what to look for, and where to find the best. It’s a lively mix of ancient folk remedies along simple, tasty recipes. Self-help and a DIY medicine chest at your fingertips.

Did you know that carrots have a long history of use as an aphrodisiac? And that garlic was known as the “poor man’s penicillin”.


The Russian army used the fresh juice extensively for wound cleaning by, even up to WWII. Or that honey makes a tasty, moisturizing lip balm? Lavender may induce peaceful, and bay leaf vivid dreaming.  You can meet the next cold season armed with Mustard plasters, or a Cough Juice made from Onions.

It is my pleasure to announce the arrival of my first e-book. You can use this link to safely download your copy for only $10.-

Lola’s Kitchen Herbal – Recipes & Remedies from the Do-It-Yourself Medicine Chest

“The door to your heart has only one handle, it’s on the inside.”

P.O. Box 645, Topanga CA 90290 310.455.0103