Venus & Mars Ceremony in Topanga

Venus connects with Mars tonight in one of the most potent and charismatic alignments of the year. As Venus is retrograde, and Mars in direct motion this is called a collision course aspect. The two major planetary players for love and passion are getting together in the most powerful central part of Leo.  This provides a fine opportunity for re-setting ones intentions with regards to love and relationship.   I’ll be facilitating a ceremony to honor this momentous occasion.

In these trying, crazy times I feel called to gather with friends to honor the ebb and flow of the planetary cycles. We have been heading into the hills to howl at the Moon and reconnect with spirit, the land and each other.   In order to maintain a cohesive, harmonious team these events are by invitation only.

We meet in Topanga to carpool from there to a power spot overlooking the ocean. Be prepared for a 20 minute night hike, mostly uphill.  It’s a magical power spot overlooking the Santa Monica bay.  If you are local and would like to join is, please call for more information and directions: 310.455.0103