Psychic ConsultantThe door to your heart has only one handle, it's on the inside.

When life presents you with challenges, it helps to take a look at the big picture. 

As a Psychic Consultant, I use my natural clairvoyant ability, along with the powerful tools of Astrology, Palmistry and the Tarot. These connect me with the spirit realm, and provide meaningful answers and guidance in rapidly changing, exciting times.

Along with a strong sense of intuition and many years of counseling experience, I use these tools in order to help people to know themselves, and better understand each other.

My commitment is to helping people heal their hearts, to love freely and unconditionally, and to facilitate our collective evolutionary journey on this earth.


Astrology is the art and science of interpreting the planetary movements against the background of the cosmos. There are many ancient and modern systems in astrology, and somehow, miraculously, they all work. I use the information contained in a natal chart to help people understand their own nature and the teachings involved in their relationships. The chart is a blueprint that contains a person’s potential, their skills, abilities, character and prospects.

I specialize in relationship and family dynamics, and work with transits and progressions. Transits examine the current, actual movement of the planets in relation to the chart. They provide a cosmic weather prediction about the timing of events and cycles of change. Progressions have more to do with personal growth. They reflect the individual’s deeper evolutionary journey.


Palmistry was my first love and tool in the divination arts. It is a master teaching, because it deals directly with the physical body, a person’s embodied presence in the here and now. I cherish it for its simplicity, commonsense and instant results.

Plus it has the benefit of being an, ‘empty hand technique’, no tools are required other than a keen eye. There’s no need to reveal ones age and a wealth of information is revealed even to a casual observer. The hands show a person’s character and what they have inherited from their parents and genetic ancestors. The lines are a reflection on how someone’s spirit operates in the body. They can and will change over time, to the same extent as the character evolves and matures.


The Tarot is a symbolic picture of the book of life. It’s been used for divination since medieval times. The cards show a complex system of symbolic images, with a wide range of interpretation techniques and layouts. I use the Tarot as a short term predictive tool and to answer specific questions, especially those involving third parties. It’s a great tool that provides precise, short readings at social events or fairs.

In the Tarot, the meaning is not really in the cards. While every card has a certain range of expressions and interrelation to the others, the reading is more in how they come together. And in how they appear in relation to the question or the questioner. It is like having a large palette of colors. It takes skill, experience and artistry to put them together into a meaningful whole.


Lola’s Sessions:

Individuals & Couples


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Group Sessions

I offer group readings at special events and parties, shamanic clearing sessions, home blessings, weddings and individual rites of passage.  Please inquire about availability and rates.

*Information about mentoring, barter or trades available upon request.

 “I felt good energy coming from you from the moment we came close. I left feeling not only relaxed but nurtured, and a feeling of happiness has been with me since then. You made me realize that life is sacred. Thank you for your kindness, wisdom and loving presence. I feel a deep gratitude and inner peace.” ~M.K. Calabasas