New Moon in Leo

Greetings from the peaks and valleys of Topanga Canyon.  Is it hot enough yet?  Check out the Kitchenmagic page for some quick and easy cooling remedies.   Or is it, per chance, not quite hot enough yet, for you – between the sheets?  For this I have a special herbal remedy that’ll spice up your love life lickedy split.  Check out the Lovepotion page.   And then there is a Slice of Heaven, my Astrological Forecast for this summer.

And this is just for starters, as this site is still a work in progress.

Much love to you and many blessings –

Lola B.

Lola Babalon

Lola Babalon is a psychic consultant, nurse, shaman and herbalist. Highly skilled at divination arts, Lola teaches magic for personal growth and self transformation. She promotes a body centered spirituality and is available for consultations in person, on the phone or on skype.