Lola’s Potions

As a passionate herbalist I love making helpful tinctures and remedies.


My most recent creation is a folk remedy made from apple cider vinegar with the addition for powerful antibiotic herbs: fresh onion, garlic, cayenne, jalapeno, horseradish, ginger & turmeric.  Fire Cider is excellent for sore throats, as an immune tonic and spicy, tasty salad dressing.

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Finally!!  An aphrodisiac herb mix that really works!

Lifts the spirits, ignites the senses & opens the heart.100% herbal, all-natural aphrodisiac tonic made from traditional eastern and western herbs, roots, barks and berries.

Contains: Damiana, Muira Puama, Yerba Mate, Horny Goat Weed, Cistanche, Cubeb Berries, Eucommia Bark, Kava Kava, Hawthorne Berries, and Ashwagandha root steeped in Vodka and Honey, with much love.

Lola: “The first Lovepotion was born at Topanga Days 1999, when I made a large batch of aphrodisiac tea to share with my friends. It was an instant success. The next year I made a tincture with these same herbs, for Earthday 2000. In those days the potion tasted quite medicinal. However, it was very popular right away. I have been perfecting the formula ever since.

The current version is tasty, safe and effective for both men and women. Whilst most people feel the effects right away, it may also sneak up on you a few days later. It’s effects will culminate with frequent use. Enjoy responsibly and at your own risk, be aware of the tincture alcohol content. Do not take this, or any other tonics during the onset of a cold or fever.

I am committed to love. My intent is to empower people to love more freely and unconditionally. My tools are manifold: consultations, ceremonies and herbal medicine. May this sacrament open you up for more love and light.


2 oz  $20.-  (4 – 8 doses) 16 oz  $144.-  (32 – 64 doses)


Party size (4 to 8 doses)  $18.-

For more information or to mail order:

Lola Babalon    P.O. Box 645    Topanga CA 90290     310.455.0103