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Lola Babalon is a psychic consultant, nurse, yogini, shaman and herbalist. Highly skilled at divination arts, Lola teaches magic for personal growth and self transformation. She promotes a body centered spirituality and is available for consultations in person, on the phone or on skype.



I was born in the city of fools, a small town in Germany near the Dutch border.  I was a curious child, given to studying my own hands, and playing with plants in the garden.  In school I quickly developed a vast appetite for reading and writing.

As soon as I discovered orgasms I knew that they were all lying about it.  By pretending that it was a bad thing, when it really was a good thing, a very good thing. The best!  At 16 I fell in love with a roustabout.  A much older dude who worked at a traveling carnival ride.  We had a tumultuous love/hate relationship that involved lots of making up, breaking up and promiscuous escapades in between.  This did not go over so well at nursing school.

At age 18 I was deemed to be a moral danger to the other nurses, and split for Munich where I became a night nurse.  This allowed be to clearly separate business and pleasure.  During long nightshifts I wrote poetry and studied Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and Wilhelm Reich.  During my ample time off I explored the nightlife, along with sex, drugs & rock’n’roll.

I had a few visionary experiences, where I realized that I was a witch, and that I had powers.  But what those powers were and how to go about them I had no idea.  Nor did I know anyone that did.  However, I met three palm readers, within a fairly short time, and got encouraged to study that.

At age 22 I embarked in a five some open relationship, with my lover, his best friend, and his friend’s two teenage girlfriends.  That was a long held ideal and fantasy, which we discussed and talked about a lot, but in practice did not go over so well.  We all felt hurt and had no tools to process all these feelings.

I’ve had multiple, open relationships for most of my life.  However, in my mid-twenties I got into yoga, which let me to kick the ‘booze & pills & powders’ habits and get ready to be a mom.

Met my future husband at a metaphysical conference in Austria, got pregnant and moved to the states mid pregnancy.

Marriage and 3 years of nursing rewired my yoni to my heart. At the same time I studied with badass European magicians and got involved with a cutting edge occult order.  When my daughter was 2 I was initiated at Castle Plankenstein in Austria, to the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT) and served as the head of their American section until 91.

This did not go over well with monogamy.   I realized that monogamy was a form of slavery, and it involved signing over the use of ones genitals.  Not an option.  After struggling with that we got divorced and all moved to Topanga.  Having joint physical and legal custody, we lived in close neighborly, co-parenting relations, plus grandma, for the next almost 2 decades.

At the time I worked as a full time psychic reader for the psychic sweatshop, a.k.a. Psychic Eye Book Shop in Sherman Oaks.  It felt like walking through crazy people’s heads all day long.  And then I met a beautiful stranger.  From a free love community in Germany. (ZEGG)  Which let me into all kinds of ecstatic explorations, from Harbin hot-springs, all the way down to NZ, and back.

to be continued